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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pilates For Physical And Mental Control

The practice of Pilates, that enhances the use of the mind to control the body, brings undoubted benefits. What makes the difference, in this case, is that the most important thing is quality and the correct technique of the exercises rather than the number of series or the time of preparation. According to our teacher Dora Libya, this type of training is based on the control of the central part of the body, which would be included in an imaginary Strip surrounding the abdominal area and the lower part of the back.
The benefits are both emotional and bodily. So how to get control over the physical level, improve muscle tone and brings a postural correction thanks to the strengthening of the central part of the body; in short, greater control of our body. Emotionally, it improves self-esteem and power capacity of concentration in all areas of everyday life.
We leave you a video on our Pilates instructor talks about this activity gym kata. (Click on any of the pictures and you will see the video)
Dora Libya instructor of Pilates in MuscleSeek.Com says, may Thai, most versatile and varied in the new gym Center classes
MuscleSeek continue to enhance the provision of our gym in new installations which we premiered after summer. We will have a modern fully adapted Tatami for the practice of different martial arts. An example of the improvements made is, without doubt, the wide equipment planned for the development of the May Thai classes. Athletes can practice with fixed and mobile bags and speed, allowing you to carry out the activity more.
 Watch the video tutorial by YOUTUBE

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