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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Physiological Factors Of Muscle Building

Of course, every athlete, and everyone decides for himself his fate. We just need to remember that a competent and hard-nosed approach to any situation, reckless sacrifices health for the benefit of sporting achievements.
Before you go to the gym - That most often causes a person to go to a sports club? The desire to improve the figure, to make it attractive to become stronger, improves their health. Certainly bodybuilding can help in achieving these goals. But for this it is important to take the right start, otherwise the result may be quite the opposite. The conventional wisdom that any sport is good for is not so unique, especially with respect to bodybuilding.

Gym - Any physical activity - it is stressful for the body and if the body is not prepared for it, or your current lifestyle does not allow good nutrition and rest, then the result will be the employment injury, weakened immunity, and exacerbation of chronic diseases. So, before heading to the gym, you need to analyze a number of factors that will affect the outcome of your bodybuilding.
Physiological factors
AGE - A major limiting factor in bodybuilding is age. Rule "the sooner, the better" is valid only for those sports where need accurate muscular coordination as for bodybuilding, optimal start - 15-17 years. Upper age limit does not exist.
Give the most out of training at the end of puberty in 16-20 years. Physical activity is formed not only muscles but also the skeleton becomes wider chest, wider shoulders, thicker bones, stronger joints and ligaments.

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