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Monday, 25 August 2014

How To Find Quality Muscle Mass

Want to To Build A Body Of Superheroes?
The next principle of training is mostly used in Hollywood in the preparation of the main actors in strenuous and physically demanding action scenes in movies. Besides the physical endurance and visually the principle of training is used to help the actors actually look like super heroes
The most important difference in this training is that weight training is performed in the morning and cardio in the evening. The purpose of separating a weight workout of cardio training is that weight training stimulates the secretion of anabolic hormones in the body (building muscle mass), while cardiovascular exercise stimulates the body to secrete hormones kataboličnih (fat burning). This way, you get the best out of "both worlds".
Also, in both training is essential to implement the stretching at the end of training, in order to prevent injury and maximize results, and very flexible. This kind of training are accepted by many famous actors like Matt Damon, Kevin Spacey, Adrien Brody, Will Smith and others.
Weight Training
One training and signs are shown below:
* means an increase in weight in each set. MONDAY - Setups / Biceps / Triceps CLASSIC crunches (lying) - 3x50 Hanging leg lifts (rods) - 3x50 hyperextension - 3x25 SITTING gripping dumbbells - 3x15 / 12 / 10
* Standing RAISING Stag - 3x15 / 12/10
* Standing Pulling cables - 3x15 / 12/10
* REVERSE Pulling cables for TRICEPS (PUSH) - 3x15 / 12/10
* Lying extensions with sting - 3x15 / 12/10
* KICKBACK S dumbbell - 3x15 / 12/10
* TUESDAY - sit-ups / Chest / Shoulders CLASSIC crunches (lying) - 3x50 Hanging leg lifts (rods) - 3x50 hyperextension - 3x25 THRUST ON CHEST dumbbell - 4x15 / 12/10/8
* Flying with dumbbell - 4x15 / 12/10/8
* Lateral Raise BUČICA - 4x15 / 12/10/8
* SEAT THRUST dumbbell - 4x15 / 12/10/8
* bent Flying with dumbbell (deltoid) - 4x15 / 12/10/8
* WEDNESDAY - Day of rest

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