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Monday, 18 August 2014

Female Muscle Building

They are not these ladies who like to be elegant, delicate and exquisite. Then there are those who like to bring physical strength and sport a muscular body. Female muscle building is an easy task, but it can be achieved with great success if it is understood and taken seriously.
When we talk about bodybuilding, there are certain factors that distinguish women from men. It is important that women understand this when they go in muscle building. Ignorance will only lead to frustration and following wrong means to reach the goal. So let's take a look at the differences, and the things that women should take into account, until they forage on bodybuilding.
The crucial factors affecting muscle building - men vs. women
There is a main factor which differentiates men and women, and plays a crucial role in the process. That factor is metabolism. Women need more efforts to metabolize fat than men.
In addition, gain muscle is easier for men, compared to women.
The production of the hormones is another crucial difference between the sexes. Testosterone is produced by men, something that women cannot. Testosterone plays an important role in the increase of the size of the muscles, reason by which men arrive to produce bigger than their muscles.
Women also stored fat easily in comparison with men, who eventually works in a different way during muscle building programs.
The average women have also eaten different compared with the average of men, in terms of preferences for food, amount, etc.

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